Oscilloscope News

GWInst FRA09 April 2018 - GW Instek launched a new firmware for the MSO-2000EA and MDO-2000E mixed-signal oscilloscopes which adds a frequency response analysis function. The new firmware V1.34. FRA software can be downloaded for free from GW Instek website. After the installment, a standalone instrument, via arbitrary waveform generator, oscilloscope, and FRA software, allows users to obtain DUT’s FRA characteristic curve plot (Bode plot).

FRA has a very wide application range, including product circuit and component performance verification and analysis such as Feedback of Circuit Design, Filter Design, Amplifier Design, Resonant Circuit Design, Cable Frequency Response, and Signal Transformer Performance. Via FRA, users can preliminarily verify product and analyze component’s characteristics without the expensive instrument.

The frequency range of FRA is from 20Hz to 25MHz; the number of test point can be selected from 10 to 90 points per decade. Higher the applicable frequency of FRA and bigger the number of test point allow users to test a wider range of DUTs and to obtain FRA test results with a higher resolution.


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