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SI MokuPro27 September 2021 - Liquid Instruments launched Moku:Pro, a high-performance platform for engineering and research labs. Moku:Pro hosts nine powerful instruments, including an oscilloscope, lock-in amplifier, PID controller, phasemeter, arbitrary waveform generator, data logger, spectrum analyzer, frequency response analyzer, and waveform generator to ensure researchers have the instrumentation they need to quickly characterize their set up and scale their experiments. The platform was designed to meet the needs of researchers in a variety of fields, from aerospace to semiconductor.

Moku:Pro accelerates the transition from traditional fixed-function test and measurement hardware to a flexible field-programmable gate array (FPGA)-based approach by making high-quality instruments accessible in an integrated, software-upgradeable platform. Moku:Pro allows engineers and researchers to dynamically switch between instruments rather than needing multiple stand-alone devices. Advanced ADC blending technology ensures that each instrument can function with optimal sensitivity from RF to acoustic frequencies without compromising performance for flexibility. Full connectivity via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB-C ensures industry-standard, hassle-free configuration.

A key benefit of software-defined instrumentation is that it gets better over time. Moku:Pro can receive over-the-air updates to deliver improved specifications, new instruments, or entirely new capabilities. Users can expect to see these benefits as soon as September when Liquid Instruments plans to release a feature that will give Moku:Pro the ability to run multiple instruments in conjunction with one another and hot-swap instruments in and out. In this multi-instrument mode, instruments can be combined and connected to form sophisticated signal-processing pipelines. Also slated for September release is a new cloud-based tool that will allow users to directly program Moku:Pro’s FPGA. With this capability, users can implement unique signal processing algorithms and create their own custom instruments, which will further widen the gap with conventional hardware.

Moku:Pro Specifications

  •   4 analog inputs and outputs
  •   Blended ADC input (10-bit+18-bit) for low noise, high bandwidth applications
  •   Sampling rate of 5 GSa/s (1 channel), 1.25 GSa/s (4 channels)
  •   9 integrated instruments, including a DC-600 MHz lock-in amplifier
  •   120 GB SSD for high-speed onboard storage
  •   API support for Python and MATLAB
  •   Starting at $12,000 for the base configuration, ranging up to $20,000 for the full suite.


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