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Batronix Magnova29 April 2024 - German measurement technology distributor Batronix has developed its own 4-channel oscilloscope with up to 350 MHz bandwidth, the Magnova BMO350. The oscilloscope is available with a bandwidth of 100, 200 or 350 MHz and features a 1.6 GSa/s sampling rate, 12-bit A/D converter, 320 Mpts memory depth and 39.6 cm touch display with full HD resolution (1920x1080 pixels). It can be upgraded to an MSO with 16 channel logic analyser and 1 channel 90 MHz function generator. Batronix has broken new ground in the development of the Magnova. It is not just another oscilloscope, everything has been redesigned from the ground up.

With the Flex encoder operating concept, the four rotary encoders adapt to the function currently being used, allowing a wide range of parameters to be conveniently set in all areas. The current parameters and other functions are always shown directly next to the rotary encoders on the display. The rotary encoders can therefore not only be used to set the signal position and scaling as usual, but also, for example, to control the zoom factor and position in the zoom view and to set the offset, scale, centre and span in the FFT display. For the generator, these are amplitude, offset, frequency and other parameters of the generated signal. The four rotary encoders therefore offer the perfect setting options.

The tilt of the Magnova can be infinitely adjusted from 80° to 170°, so that a perfect view of the display is always guaranteed. The Magnova can also be attached to a VESA monitor arm so that it floats above the workbench without a stand.

On many workbenches, the circuit to be measured is located directly in front of the oscilloscope, and cables from the probes leading out to the front cause interference. Thanks to the special design of the Magnova, the sockets can be led out to the side, which allows better cable routing.

The passive cooling concept means no more fan noise. In the Magnova, the largest heat sources (processor, FPGA, RAM) are thermally connected directly to the metal housing. This means that a large proportion of the heat is dissipated directly outside the housing. A fan is therefore superfluous in normal operation and the Magnova works silently.

Extensive measurement functions with trend charts, powerful history, signal analysis, search and mask test functions, X/Y mode, reference and maths channels with freely definable formulas, simultaneous signal decoders, FFT spectra with waterfall display and markers, vertical and horizontal zoom function, Bode plots, display with persistence, adjustable colour grading and much more are available.

The generous screen diagonal and the razor-sharp resolution of 1920 x 1020 pixels are impressive. Whether displaying several channels simultaneously, analysing complex signals or simply capturing everything at a glance.

The optional function generator module offers a resolution of 14 bits and a sampling rate of up to 400 MSa/s for any waveform from 1 µHz to 90 MHz. It is a fully-fledged generator with an amplitude range of up to 20 Vpp (up to 10 Vpp with 50 Ohm termination).


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