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PicoScope 930028 March 2017 - Pico Technology has increased the bandwidth of its PicoScope 9300 family of Sampling Oscilloscopes with two new 25 GHz models. The USB-controlled Sampling Oscilloscope, available only from Pico, stands as one of very few low-cost, high-integrity options for viewing and measuring RF and microwave signals, paths and networks. Sampling Oscilloscopes are the cost-effective solution to today’s proliferation of gigabit-per-second datastreams and their copper, wireless and optical fiber interconnect.

The new 2 and 4 channel 25 GHz models, just added to the existing 20 GHz PicoScope 9300 Series, now support fifth harmonic capture for data up to including 10 Gb/s, and third harmonic capture up to 16 Gb/s. These rates, and others in between, are increasingly found in Ethernet, Thunderbolt, USB 3.1, PCIe 4, Rapid I/O, e-SATA, OC-192 / STM-64 and OC-256. All have transmission lines, cables, components, transmitters and receivers that need pre-compliance testing and characterization.

“Low cost”?

For most of us, owning a real-time scope with 25 GHz bandwidth is unrealistic, with prices starting from $200,000. Renting is usually the only option but even that can cost over $15,000 per month! “Low cost” means that you can have a 25 GHz Sampling Oscilloscope, on your bench every day or where and when you need it, for the equivalent of 1 month’s rent of a 25 GHz real-time box.

Having chosen your oscilloscope, you will want to probe your multiple broadband signals in-system and with minimal invasion of the measurement, all without interrupting system function. For this you will need the cost-effective, low-invasive, high-performance PicoConnect 900 probes. This is a comprehensive family of microwave and gigabit products. Uniquely configured as interchangeable AC or DC coupled probe heads in three division ratios (÷5, ÷10 and ÷20), these are ideally suited to in-system probing of analog, pulse, impulse and high-speed serial data streams. What’s more, they will interface to any other instrument type with 50 Ω inputs and likely outperform similar but manufacturer-locked accessories that you may have.

Also all PicoScope 9300 Sampling Oscilloscopes can now be upgraded, free of charge, to full touchscreen operation with the latest PicoSample 3 software. PicoSample 3.25 also includes new masks for USB 2.0 and USB 3.1 Gen1 and Gen2.

The new PicoScope 9301-25 and 9341-25 Sampling Oscilloscopes are now available for only $16 765 / €14 235 / £11 765 and $26 235 / €22 275 / £18 405 respectively.


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