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Micsig STO200013 July 2022 - Saelig Company, Inc. announced the Micsig STO2000C Series 2-channel Portable Oscilloscopes, which offer a bandwidth choice of 200 or 300MHz, 280Mpts of memory, 2GSa/s sampling rate (single channel), up to 270,000wfm/s refresh rate, and a 7.5Ah Li battery for extended field use. This portable instrument combines a capacitive 8” TFT LCD touch screen (touch, drag, and swipe) with traditional ‘button & knob’ operation to make scope operation easy and efficient. An external USB mouse can also be connected for additional control choices.

The built-in HDMI output adds educational and demonstration possibilities for large displays or projectors, and an auto-calibration function ensures measurement accuracy. The STO2000C series adopts a high-sensitivity digital trigger system with abundant trigger and decoding types. I2C, SPI, RS232/UART, CAN, LIN and aerospace and defense (MIL-STD 1553, ARINC 429) with two formats to display decoding, text and graphic. Sophisticated waveform triggering techniques include: Edge, Pulse Width, Logic, Video, Runt, Time Out, Nth Edge, Slopetime, and Serial Decode. A screen capture button provides a quick way of saving waveform images for later review or report writing.

Both the STO2202C (200MHz) and STO2302C (300MHz) oscilloscopes can take 31 types of automatic measurements, which can all be displayed on the screen simultaneously. Bandwidth filters are provided to help focus on specific signals: 20MHz, high-pass, and low-pass. These scopes can decode a selection of serial protocols, including UART, CAN, LIN, SPI, I2C, 1553B, and ARINC429. I/O provisions include WiFi, USB 3.0/2.0 Host, USB Type-C, HDMI, Trigger Out connections, DC Power input, and Aux out. 32GB of internal data storage is included for data files which can be transferred to a PC via a USB connection, LAN, or WiFi.

The oscilloscope features a bumper-protected case with a sturdy built-in prop stand for easy viewing. Live screen images can be transmitted to an external projector when the oscilloscope is connected to a LAN or WiFi network. The scope can also display or be remotely controlled via WiFi, LAN, or USB, via a PC or an Android mobile device. Included as standard are two x10 350MHz passive probes and an external 12V power adapter.

Made by Shenzhen-based Micsig, a provider of battery-powered portable and handheld oscilloscopes since 2004, the STO2000 oscilloscopes are available now from Saelig Company Inc., Micsig’s authorized North American distributor.


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