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AnalogArts-SG98512 January 2015 - Analog Arts introduces the SG985 family of USB-powered portable test systems. The series includes a 2-channel oscilloscope, a spectrum analyzer, a data recorder, and an arbitrary waveform generator. With an intuitive and powerful application software package, these instruments are ideal for general R&D, T&M, and manufacturing and service.

The oscilloscope is based on Analog Arts' proprietary technology for low noise and high dynamic range applications. Its key specifications are: 1 GHz bandwidth, an unprecedented 100 GHz effective sampling rate, a 250 MHz real-time sampling rate (125 MHz per channel), a 1M sample memory size, a 1 ns/Div to 100 ms/Div time base with a time resolution of 10 ps, a voltage range of up to 160V with a 10 bit resolution, a frequency counter with a relative accuracy of 0.1ppm, and an intuitive application software.

The spectrum analyzer RBW ranges from 1 Hz for the lowest sampling rate to 195 Hz. Its 80 dBFS dynamic range, input signal range of 41dBV, and seamless signal analysis tools such as zooming, windowing, averaging, and peak-hold make this device a truly remarkable instrument.

The data recorder is especially suited for slow time varying signals. It allows the user to capture 100M samples over long periods of time (greater than one day).

The arbitrary waveform generator features an easy-to-use graphical editor. The generator includes a 64K sample memory size and an adjustable sampling rate of up to 100 MHz. With a 12-bit DAC and a programmable analog filter, it guarantees a low noise output signal. Also included are 25 standard signals with frequencies of up to 150 MHz.

The SG985 is housed in an ultra compact 3 X 5 X 1 inches (128.0 mm x 77.0 mm x 31.6 mm) enclosure, made of durable industrial grade aluminum. The instrument consumes only 2W through USB. The product series are available now, and are priced affordably from an extraordinary $340 (SG824, 200 MHz bandwidth oscilloscope, 50 MHz output AWG). Additionally, a 5-years exchange program allows for replacement or upgrade to any other instruments in the family. A free demo application software package and video tutorials help potential users explore the various features of the instruments.


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