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Yokogawa DL850E modules22 October 2015 -Yokogawa added new products to the range of plug-in measurement modules for Yokogawa’s DL850E/DL850EV ScopeCorder family, bringing the total number of modules available to 19. The new units are the 720211 high-speed (100 MS/s) 12-bit isolation module, the 720243 SENT monitor module (available only for the DL850EV Vehicle Edition ScopeCorder) and the 720254 4-channel 1 MS/s 16-bit isolation module.

With the 720211 high-speed 100 MS/s 12-bit isolation module, up to eight units can be installed in a DL850E or DL850EV ScopeCorder, compared with a maximum of four for earlier units. This means that 100 MS/s, 12-bit, 1 kV isolation inputs will be available for up to 16 channels in a DL850E/DL850EV unit using the 720211 module.

Applications for the 720211 module are in the electric power and energy sectors, including the testing and evaluation of inverter, motor and power devices with high speed, high resolution and high voltage. Multichannel measurements are becoming a fundamental requirement for the above applications in order for advanced control to be achieved.

The 720243 SENT monitor module enables the monitoring of SENT (Single Edge Nibble Transmission) protocol communications, displaying the data trend as an analogue waveform in the same way that existing CAN and LIN bus monitor modules do. In addition to data trend monitoring, the new module will also trigger on SENT transmissions.

The SAE J2716 SENT protocol is a point-to-point scheme for transmitting signal values from a sensor to a controller. It is intended to allow for high-resolution digital data transmission with a lower system cost than standard serial data solutions for in-vehicle data transmission. Typical applications include data communication between air flow sensors and ECUs.

Up to four 720243 modules (providing eight ports of SENT transmissions) can be installed in a DL850EV. Alternatively, two units can be installed together with either a 720240 (CAN) or 720241 (CAN-LIN) module. Applications for the 720243 module include development and production testing for SENT applications.

The 720254 4-channel 1 MS/s 16-bit isolation module incorporates four isolated BNC inputs. By installing eight of these modules in a DL850E/EV, a total of 32 channels can be achieved in a stand-alone measurement system. In addition to increasing the number of channels that can be installed in a single mainframe, it also offers increased flexibility to the user in terms of the variety of modules that can be installed.

Each isolated BNC input has a maximum isolation voltage of 600 V (DC + AC peak) when combined with a 702902(10:1) or 701947(100:1) probe. Maximum allowable common mode voltage is 300 V RMS (CAT II).

The 720254 is suited to a wide range of multi-channel measurement applications, but particularly for isolated high-voltage measurements and the long-term monitoring of power generators or multi-output power supplies. It is also ideally suited to the dynamic analysis of ECUs and/or powertrains.

Yokogawa’s ScopeCorder family combines features from a high-performance digital oscilloscope and a multi-channel data-acquisition recorder. It can capture and analyse both transient events and trends over time periods from milliseconds up to 200 days, storing acquired data in the large acquisition memory, the internal hard disk and/or an external PC hard disk.

Flexible modular inputs enable the DL850E to combine measurements of electrical signals, physical parameters from sensors, and data from CAN/LIN serial buses, giving engineers a thorough insight into any application by synchronising the measurement of different types of electrical and physical signals. Individually isolated and shielded input channels provide high resolution and high sample rates, while Yokogawa’s unique “dual capture” feature allows transient signals to be captured during long-term measurements by recording at two different sampling rates.

The DL850E and DL850EV ScopeCorders are equipped with a large and fast acquisition memory, allowing storage of up to 2 gigapoints of data and providing high sample rates of up to 100 MS/s on multiple channels simultaneously.


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