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Analog ADALM200001 April 2019 - Analog Devices offers the active learning module ADALM2000, which helps students to design and test analog circuits in real time, utilizing the power of traditional lab equipment made available with graphical application software. The ADALM2000 Active Learning Module is a cost-effective, USB-powered software-defined instrument that brings the power of traditional lab equipment to the palm of your hand.

With two analog differential inputs, two analog single-ended outputs, two power supplies, and 16-bits of digital input or outputs, students have the freedom to explore signals and systems into the tens of MHz without the limitations of a traditional labs. When coupled with Analog Devices’ Scopy graphical application software running on a computer, the user gains easy access to the most popular high performance instrumentation functions. The instrumentation functions conveniently included are: a DC/AC Voltmeter, 30MHz oscilloscopes, +/- 5V power supply, 50 MHz spectrum analyzers, 30 MHz signal generators, 30 MHz arbitrary waveform generators, 100MHz logic analyzers, 60+ different protocol bus analyzers, and 100MHz digital pattern generator.

Scopy, an open source application, supports all major platforms used by faculty and students (Windows, Linux and OS X) and features a plugin architecture for supporting user developed instruments, such as network analyzers.

Offered at an $99 introductory price, this will help many students be introduced to electronics. The $99 introductory price will expire Oct 2019; where the price will go up to $149.


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