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Keysight-N7020A21 November 2014 – Keysight Technologies introduced the industry’s highest bandwidth and lowest noise oscilloscope probe for making power integrity measurements to characterize DC power rails. The new Keysight N7020A power-rail probe specifications are tailored for a wide variety of DC power-rail measurements. Probe specifications include very low noise, a large ± 24-V offset range and 2-GHz bandwidth.

Across the electronics industry, engineers are designing successive generations of products with decreasing DC operating voltages as a way to reduce power and increase clock and data speeds. As DC power rails have shrunk in size, so have the tolerance on those power rails. One of the biggest sources of clock and data jitter in a digital system is noise on the DC power supplies. Development teams in almost all electronic industries measure the integrity of DC power rails and need tools that provide the signal detail associated with smaller and smaller DC voltages—often just a few millivolts.

The single-ended Keysight N7020A power-rail probe has a 1:1 attenuation ratio to maximize the signal-to-noise ratio of the power rail being observed by the oscilloscope. Comparable oscilloscope power integrity measurement solutions have up to 16X more noise than the Keysight solution. With its lower noise, the Keysight N7020A power-rail probe provides a more accurate view of the actual ripple and noise riding on DC power rails.

With its ± 24-V offset range, the N7020A power-rail probe has up 15 times more offset range than comparable power integrity measurement solutions. This large offset range allows engineers and technicians to center their DC power rails on the oscilloscope screen and zoom-in on it for analysis.

The N7020A power-rail probe has a DC input impedance of 50 kΩ. This large input impedance minimizes DC loading of the power rail when the probe is connected. Many comparable oscilloscope power integrity measurement solutions have a DC input impedance of only 50 Ω, which can adversely affect the behavior of the DC power rail.

The 2-GHz bandwidth of the new power-rail probe helps engineers and technicians analyzing fast transients on their DC power-rails that can be detrimental to clocks and data in their systems. The N7020A offers up to four times more bandwidth than comparable oscilloscope power integrity measurement solutions.

The N7020A power-rail probe is compatible with the Keysight Infiniium S-Series DSO and MSO high-definition oscilloscopes and the Infiniium 9000 Series DSO and MSO oscilloscopes.

U.S. Pricing and Availability

The new N7020A power-rail probe is available for order today with four week delivery. Prices start at $2,650.


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