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TLC QPHY30 January 2020 – Teledyne LeCroy announceed the QualiPHY USB4 Electrical Transmitter (Tx) and Receiver (Rx) Compliance Test Software (QPHY-USB4-TX-RX) for its LabMaster 10 Zi-A and WaveMaster/SDA 8 Zi-B oscilloscopes used in conjunction with Anritsu’s Signal Quality Analyzer-R (SQA-R) MP1900A BERT. This announcement follows Teledyne LeCroy’s shipment of the first (and only) USB4 Protocol Analyzer in September of 2019.

The USB Type-C connector is quickly becoming the PC industry’s standard for converged high-speed data, display (video) and power delivery. USB Type-C delivers data, video and power over the same connector, simplifying connections. USB4 through USB Type-C doubles the speed of USB 3.2 and is expected to see rapid adoption by PC, docking and USB peripheral makers.

The combination of Teledyne LeCroy’s QPHY-USB4-TX-RX software and oscilloscopes with an Anritsu SQA-R MP1900A BERT provides USB4 electrical validation and test engineers an integrated electrical test solution for automated compliance testing, ensuring faster time-to-market.

Key features of Teledyne LeCroy’s USB4 electrical test solution include:

  • Automated Tx and Rx electrical tests outlined in the USB4 Router Assembly, USB4 Captive Device and Thunderbolt 3 Electrical Compliance Test Specifications – the first and only solution that provides this capability.
  • Multi-lane analysis capability, which performs acquisition, analysis and compliance tests on both Tx lanes simultaneously, greatly reducing compliance test time.

“The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) is pleased to see Teledyne LeCroy announce support for USB4 electrical testing,” said USB-IF President and COO Jeff Ravencraft. “An important contributor to the USB ecosystem, Teledyne LeCroy’s participation and support for USB4 electrical compliance testing will help our members deliver high-performing and reliable USB products to market.”

“Anritsu and Teledyne LeCroy share a common goal of providing engineers early availability of highly accurate and efficient test solutions required to verify their leading-edge designs. Our combined solution integrating the SQA-R MP1900A and Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes fills the market void for a complete USB4 electrical test system,” said Hiroyuki Takahashi, General Manager, Anritsu Corporation.

Teledyne LeCroy will demonstrate the QPHY-USB4-TX-RX software with a LabMaster 10-36 Zi-A (36 GHz oscilloscope) and an Anritsu SQA-R MP1900A BERT at DesignCon 2020 in Santa Clara, CA, in Teledyne LeCroy booth #513. The full presentation schedule is listed at teledynelecroy.com/designcon.

Pricing and Availability

QPHY-USB4-TX-RX will be available for LabMaster 10 Zi-A and WaveMaster/SDA 8 Zi-B oscilloscopes with bandwidths of 25 GHz or higher. QPHY-USB4-TX-RX will be priced at $9,995. Oscilloscope firmware and QualiPHY automated compliance test software releases supporting these new functions will be available in February 2020.


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