Oscilloscope News

Acute ADP110010 May 2017 - Acute announced its new 100MHz bandwidth high-voltage differential probes: the ADP1100, the ADP2100 and the ADP5100. These probes with good CMRR and low noise floor performance, apply to high-volatge/floating/reference-potential and are better for measuring the MOSFET signal of switching power.

These probes are small in form factor and powered by USB port or power bank, make them handy to carry and work. Different models with different attenuation covers wide range of voltage measurement (from 70V to 3500V).

The 5MHz Bandwidth-limitation option is able to filter un-needed hi-frequency noise. On the cover, there is over-range LED light and alarm buzzer for visual and audio support. Also, double-layered probe cables make the probes safer in measurement.


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